Why Black Friday is a good opportunity to get high-tech mobile phones

One of the top-selling products during Black Friday are mobile phones. Customers in search of phones to purchase usually wait till around this period before deciding on which mobile phone to purchase. Consumers are in constant search for deals to buy smartphones or replace existing ones. To make informed choices in the selection of a phone brand and model, it is important to look up what review sites have to say about them. Sites such as BritainReviews asides from highlighting the specifics of the phone also provides opinions, as well as experiences and feedback of existing users of the phone. There are several phones in the market that one may consider for purchase. Whether from a low budget phone to a mid-budget and high-end phones or if it is an iOS or an Android device, there is need to take time to study which smartphone possesses all the features and functionality that meets with your need.

Companies and online stores to look out for when purchasing high-tech mobile phones

There are lots of online stores and outlets that focus on the retail of diverse range of phones. Various stores including Giffgaff offers a vast range of mobile phones and also provide Black Friday deals. These stores have their own discounted rates for all the mobile phones on their platform. Stores like Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Alibaba, and others are also involved in offering a different range of Black Friday deals. Low to high-end phones available for Black Friday sales in these stores include iPhone 11, iPhone XR, Giffgaff iPhone 8, iPhone XR and iPhone XR and many other phone brands.

Taking time to go through each platform in search of mobile phones that meet your desired specifications provides an opportunity for a wide range of products to choose from.

Top phone brands in high demand on Black Friday

Some top brands of the mobile phone offering Black Friday deals include:

Microsoft Surface Duo: comes with a ROM of 128GB

iPhone 12 (AT&T)

This is Apple’s novel 5G mobile phones

iPhone 12 Pro (AT&T)

This one of Apple’s new iPhone that comes with 5G supporting all 5G network bands.

Motorola Edge

Manufactured by Motorola, it has a ROM of 256GB and has 5G network connectivity.

LG V50 ThinQ

Often referred to as the iPhone alternative, it has a ROM of 128GB with a screen size of 6.4” P-OLED and has 5G network connectivity. Also available for Black Friday deals are the following mobile phones

Black Friday Samsung Galaxy S10 deals

Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB on ID Mobile with 1GB data, £29.99 a month, £29.99 upfront.

Galaxy S10 on Vodafone with 20GB data for £29 a month with £75 upfront.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ on EE with £43 a month, £0 upfront.

Samsung Galaxy S10 with 128GB sim-free at Mobiles, £629.99.

Black Friday Sony Xperia deals

Sony Xperia 5 with FIFA 20 PS4 bundle, from £36 a month, £9 upfront.

Sony Xperia 1, sim-free at, £649 saving £200.