What is a proxy, why and who needs it ?

It is worth noting that today, perhaps, all users of the Russian Internet without exception know about the existence of a proxy. However, not everyone knows that you can buy personal IPv4 proxies at, after which you can use them to log into social networks, for parsing search engines, for online games, web surfing and much more. Therefore, let’s dwell on the proxy in a little more detail.

What is a proxy?

In short, to answer this question, the proxy is a connecting link, a kind of intermediary between the user and the runet. With the help of a purchased proxy, you can change your existing IP address to some other one, thereby, let’s say, deceive the Runet, forcing it to recognize you as not you. Currently, there are many types of proxies, you already know about personal IPv4, you know about where you can buy it. By the way, you can buy not only personal proxies, but also transparent, anonymous, distorting, private and so on.

For what and who needs proxies?

Again, in a nutshell, to answer this question, then – “everyone”, especially today, when there is a tightening of censorship in the Russian Internet, bans of certain sites, attempts to block various messengers, and so on and so forth. Of course, someone may have a reasonable question, and the answer is yes, they can. However, vigilant employees of the cybercrime department are closely monitoring this, so that scammers cannot hide from them.

Proxy is legal!

For all other ordinary users of the Russian Internet, proxies will help in solving the most common tasks, for example, study information on prohibited resources or visit the page / s in the social network of your ex / ex in incognito mode. In addition, a proxy is a real working tool for developers of websites and mobile applications, for advertisers and marketers working on the Internet, for webmasters and many other professionals.

The fact is that it is important for these specialists to see the results of their work, let’s say, from all sides, that is, not only from Russia, but also from Europe, America, Asia, and so on, and the proxy allows them to do this.