Jobs You Need Before Diving into Entrepreneurship

Looking for work experience before opening your own business is popular among young entrepreneurs.

By working for other people for several years, you will learn and get a lot of things to prepare for your own business later. You can gather knowledge, hone skills, and build business relationships.

The experience will be very useful when you switch professions to become entrepreneurs. Your skills and mentality will be ready to face challenges in the business world.

Well, for those of you who want to find work experience as an employee before being entrepreneurs, here are some types of jobs that you can choose.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are suitable jobs for a communicative person. You have to have excellent communication skills to establish relationships with clients and offer products to consumers.

This position will teach you about product planning, pricing, promotion, marketing and distribution. You will learn ways to get customers and increase sales every time. If you have excellent communication skills and want to find sales Jobs Bangkok, you can search for them online only at Criterion Asia Recruitment.


The task of a Human Resource Department or HRD is to carry out human resource management in the company, from the time of hiring employees until they retire.

Working in the personnel department will teach you to manage relationships with employees. You must ensure that employees can maximize their performance and remain committed to the company.

Public Relations

Working as a Public Relations or PR will give you experience in communicating in public. You will learn how to build a positive company image in the eyes of the community.

You will learn to understand what communication strategies are useful to benefit the company and make a good impression in the eyes of consumers.

Later, your experience in the world of public relations will help you to enhance a positive image of your business and create public interest.

Well, those are the types of jobs you can choose before entering the business world.