5 Popular Room Partition Materials

One important element in the current occupancy is a room partition. Partition functions to limit the space between one another. Partition also provides a function to indicate the level of privacy of a room. Partition that is well designed and uses the right material will certainly make the room look beautiful and function as needed.

In addition to partitions commonly called walls, many partitions are now designed to be movable. The following are some room partition choices based on the main material.

Wooden partition

Of course, you are very familiar with wood partitions. This type of partition is very well known. Wood partitions are generally full of carvings with a limited choice of models. The wooden partition that is widely used is the one with a grid, panel, or with a certain pattern. The material of wood partitions also varies, from solid wood such as teak, jackfruit, pine, and mahogany, to processed wood such as plywood. There are also mixed materials such as MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) that are used for specific partition requirements.


The most commonly used material for most of the occupancy is the brick wall. As well as being sturdy, brick floors are also better at reducing sound, and when exposed, can be an attractive aesthetic element. If you want to be different, exposed bricks can be arranged with certain structuring patterns to create a more interesting artistic impression. If you are looking for brick floors, you can visit Amber Tiles. They provide a variety of stone floor tiles with the best quality.


Gypsum is a partition option that you can use as an alternative. As a partitioning material, gypsum is usually present in the form of gypsum boards (a mixture of gypsum and pressed fiber). Besides being affordable, gypsum installation is also easy and fast. You can give a variety of color finishing, and maintenance is also easy. Although the use of gypsum is for dry spaces, gypsum is now starting to be more resistant to moisture and wetness.

Iron Partition

Similar to wooden partitions, iron partitions are now widely used to separate space. The shape of the iron partition is very diverse, depending on the creativity of the designer. The existence of laser cut technology is also very helpful in bringing up various intricate patterned, which can increase the aesthetic element for the space.

Glass Partition

Generally, the glass gets a skeleton before being installed as part of the partition. But now there are many types of frameless glass partitions. However, there are security aspects that you need to consider. For partitions, at least choose tempered glass and laminated glass – both in the safety glass category.